Rocket Launcher


  • two drinking straws, one wide and one narrow
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • sticky tape
  • paper cone (about 3 inches tall)


one Discuss with the children how the Three Laws of Motion discovered by Newton are in use everyday. Have the children understand how the Second Law of Motion is in use with the rocket launcher.

two Allow each student an opportunity to do this experiment. Talk about safety - that when they blow on the straw to start the rocket launcher in motion that they point it away from everybody.

three To make the rocket launcher do the following steps: Cut the wide straw so it is 2 inches shorter than the narrow one.

four Staple one end of the wide straw several times and seal this end with sticky tape to make it airtight.

five Snip just enough off the tip of the paper cone so that the wide straw will fit through snugly. Tape the tip of the cone to the straw.

six Insert the narrow straw into the wide straw. Hold the narrow straw to your lips at a 45 degree angle to the ground and blow into it.

seven After each child has had an opportunity to do this experiment have a short follow-up discussion.

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