Telling Time: Elapsed Time
        elapsed time
To teach application of time skills.
To introduce how to determine the time before or after an interval of hours.
To introduce how to determine the time at the end of an interval of hours and minutes.
To solve problems about elapsed time.


Discuss the importance of knowing how to tell elapsed time. Use a demonstration clock to show how the minute hand moves around the clock every 60 minutes while the hour hand moves from one number to the next so that at every hour the minute hand points to 12 and the hour hand points to the number that shows the hour.

Discuss times of events during the day while students move hands of clock to demonstrate.

Hold up a clock with the minute hand at 12 and the hour hand at 1. Children count by ones as you move the minute hand around the clock.

What happens to the hour hand as the minute hand moves around the clock once?

How many minutes does it take for the minute hand to travel once around the clock?

How long does it take for the hour hand to travel from 1-2?

Children use their clocks to model the following story. Sam gets up at 8 o'clock. He leaves the house at 9 o'clock. How long does it take him to get ready to leave?
1. Prepare thirty problem cards. On each card, write a story problem related to your class: e.g. Jenny wakes up at 7:00 She must be at school two hours later. What time will Jenny be at school? Read the cards aloud while students hold up clocks displaying the correct time.

2. Play Time Baseball. Divide the class into tow teams. Team A is "up" first. Give each member of the team a time story problem. If the question is answered correctly, the player scores a hit and all players on base advance one base. If the answer is incorrect, the player scores an out. After one team has scored three outs, the next team is up. Game continues for nine innings. The team with the most runs wins.

3. Play Time Machine. Prepare a game board with a path of clock faces showing various times. In the center of the game board, draw a picture of a time machine. On the machine clip a direction: e.g. "The time in 3 hours and 10 minutes will be____/" Students roll the dice and move forward on the path of clocks. They must read both the present time on the clock face and the time it will be after the time machine has operated. If the answer is incorrect, the move is canceled. The first player to reach the space marked 'finish' wins. (Time machine directions should change with each game. Gameboard

4. Early or Late---practice telling the time 30 minutes before and after a given time be presenting problems such as this: Bob's birthday party starts at 3:00 Vera arives at 3:30

Is Sally early or late? How do you know?

Elapsed Time - Worksheet

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