By Wendy & Katie

July 11, 1997

July 11, 1997

Today 2 more of our Monarch caterpillars are moving towards the top of the 
 aquarium. One of the caterpillars appears to be spinning silk to the side;
 (the glass); of the tank. I don't know if this will pose a problem
 for him when it is time for him to hatch; and I haven't come across
 this situation in any of the reading I did to explain this. Since the
 caterpillar hasn't spun a lot of silk at this point, so I decided
 to try and detach it and move him to the screen top.

***SPECIAL NOTE: I wouldn't recommend detaching a caterpillar
 unless he has just started to spin his silk. Ours had very
 little silk spun, yet he was extremely difficult to remove. I had to
 be very, very careful not to squish or harm the insect.

Once removed from the glass, I placed the caterpillar on the screen
 top of the aquarium. We noticed that after a short time he began to
 spin his silk again. Gradually he reattached himself to his new mat
 of silk and then hung in a "J" position. We think that he will be
 ok now, but we will have to keep an extra eye on him and see
 what happens. It does seem, however, that it is taking him a
 longer time to change over into a chrysalis. I wonder if he was affected
 by the stress of moving him? I will be sure to note the period
 of time that it takes him to change over.

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