They Look Black!

By Wendy

July 19, 1997

July 19, 1997  

I am only making a small entry today to document what I have observed.

Two more Monarchs hatched from their chrysalis' today. I had happened
 to stop and look at what they were doing. Two of the chrysalides looked
 black in color!  At first I was startled and wondered what was going on.
 When I looked at them  closer, I realized that they weren't black;
 but they were actually clear. The black that I was seeing was
 the butterfly. I should ahve realized and remembered this from
 our experiences with the Painted Ladies.

A chrysalis, when it gets close to the time where it is going
 to hatch, starts to become transparent. It wasn't as noticeable
 with the Painted Ladies because their chrysalides were a light
 goldish-brown to start with. The Painted Ladies also had many of
 the other colors. The Monarch, on the other hand, had such a bright
 green chrysalis, and the butterfly is also a darker color. So of
 course when it came time for it to hatch, the chrysalis looked
 black because of the butterfly inside.

***It should be noted that once the butterflies have hatched we
 do begin to feed them fresh sugar water daily. We don't want you
 to think that we have neglected or forgotten about their food:)

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