Royal Butterflies: A Story by Katie

By Katie

Royal Butterflies 

Once upon a time the princess saw a prince. "What is your name?" asked the
 princess. "Cornelius," said the prince, "What is your name?" "My name is
 Sleeping Beauty" answered the princess. 
The prince went to the king and queen to ask their names. The queens name
 was Cinderella and the kings name was Jacob.
 They all went to eat nectar from the flowers. There were enough flowers so
 they could all have their own. When they were full they flew off again. They
 all flew into a picture like on Mary Poppins, so they all looked different.
 Cornelius, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Jacob all went for a ride on the 
 merry-go-round. After the merry-go-round they went for a ride on a
 magic flying car. But soon it began to rain so they all had to go home.
 Cornelius and Sleeping Beauty lived happily ever after.

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