Butterfly Release Day!!!

By Wendy & Katie

July 26, 1997

July 26, 1997
 We released all of our butterflies today. We did it late in the afternoon
 because that seems to be the time when we see butterflies fluttering through
 our backyard. We asked the 2 neighbor children to come and watch and help. 
 Matt and his sister Rachel were also here.
 One Painted Lady had died. It looks as though it couldn't get free from it's
 chrysalis. It's wings, one of it's legs, and part of his body was trapped in 
 it and it could not wiggle free. I tried to help, but it was impossible to try 
 and peel that part of the chyrsalis that was stuck around him. I had hoped that
 what little I was able to remove would have been enough to help him break free
 from the rest, but it was not. If I had tried to help anymore I would have killed
 him by squishing him. I decided it was time to leave it alone and let nature take
 its course. Unfortunately the butterfly did die.
 When we removed the top of the aquarium the Painted Lady butterflies flew away fast.
 The Monarchs however, just hung around in the cage. A couple of the butterflies got 
 a smell of the fresh air and immediately flew up and out. The rest we helped by
 letting them crawl on our fingers and then removing them from the tank and holding
 them in the air. They flew off after a couple of minutes. For a few brief minutes 
 you could see all of the butterflies fluttering around the back yard. One of them 
 even went to the butterfly garden...that surprised us! Pretty soon noine of them
 could be found though. We were sure they went to find their "boyfriends and girlfriends"
 as Katie puts it.
 After the release we talked about why we think people like butterflies so much.
 Here is a list of why we think people like them:
 **They are fun to watch
 **They come in many shapes, colors, and sizes.
 **They like plants and flowers like we do, so when we have them 
 in our yards, the butterflies come to.
 **They do not bite or sting.
 Can you guess what the biggest "seller" in that list is? Who doesn't like an
 insect that doesn't bite or sting? I bet we wish allbugs were like that!

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