Replacement Butterflies

By Wendy & Katie

July 14, 1997

July 14, 1997

We recieved our replacement Painted Lady butterfly larva today from Carolina.
 We will watch them carefully to see what happens to this batch.

The caterpillars in this batch seem to be slightly bigger than the ones we
 recieved before. I am thinking that it won't take long before we see
 these larvae turn into chrysalides. Maybe the previous shipment were too
 small to begin their metamorphosis; maybe they were forced to begin their
 changes too soon under these conditions, and therefore they develop
 problems? We will see what happens.

**SPECIAL NOTE: I don't know if we have mentioned this before, but
 we have continued our lessons on metamorphosis; if you don't see
 entries posted in here, it probably means that we have been working
 in our workbooks. I had ordered "The Butterfly Curriculum" with
 the caterpillars, and we also do lessons in this book.

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