Change Complete

By Wendy

July 12, 1997

July 12, 1997

This will be another short entry just to record that the caterpillar that I
 detached yesterday finally seems to have changed into a chrysalis.
 As observed yesterday it seemed to have taken longer for this caterpillar to
 complete his change; now we know that it took almost 24 hours! I do not
 know if this is considered normal; if he was maybe forced to prematurely
 change into a chrysalis, or if this was caused by stress from moving him.
 We will have to keep observing him to see if he has any other problems
 in his development, or if the rest of his metamorphosis will remain

Today the remaining caterpillars made their way to the top of the tank.
 Katie will be very excited to see, when she returns on Monday, that
 all of the caterpillars have changed into chrysalides!

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