By Wendy & Katie

June 12, 1997

We have now put our "Caterpillars & Butterflies Journal" entries
 in chronological order. Here you will be able to read, in detail,
 all of the things we have seen and learned about with this unit.

 We have had a lot of fun exploring these tiny creatures! The best
 part was we also got to compare 2 different kinds of caterpillar's
 and butterflies!

June 12
We got our Painted Lady caterpillar's from Carolina Biological Supply
 today. They came in a disposable, clear, plastic drinking cup
 with a lid on it. The lid was also lined with what looked like
 a coffee filter type of paper. There are 5 caterpillar's in the
 The caterpillar food is already in the cup. It lines the bottom of
 it and looks like peanut butter. It doesn't really have a smell to it.
 The caterpillar's are constantly eating and moving all around.
 They are also very small! This line ______ shows you how long
 they are. Some are a little bigger and some are a little smaller.
 They look like they have a black and white pattern on their bodies and
 they look like they are have little hairs or spiney things on parts of
 their bodies. Maybe when they get a little bigger we can see
 more of what they look like. We do know that caterpillar's eat a lot!
 And we know that they have to eat a lot so they can grow. They have
 to grow before they can turn into a butterfly. We are getting very
 excited now! Now we will learn how many days it takes for a caterpillar
 to change into a butterfly! We have so much to watch and
 to learn about; we can't wait for them to start changing. We will
 make a chart or a special  page to show you when they started changing
 and when they hatched. You will have to watch for that.

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