What We Learned Today!

By Katie & Wendy

June 17, 1997

June 17
Our caterpillar's are still caterpillar's because they haven't changed yet.
 They sure do grow fast though! They look like they are two times
 much bigger than a few days ago, after my days off days. 
 Today we learned about the different parts that are on a caterpillar.
 When we looked at ours we saw points (spines/hairs) on them and
 little teeny legs. It looks like he has a lot of legs but really
 he only has 6 real legs. The other ones are fake. They are called
 "prolegs". I know that caterpillar's are insects because they
 only have 6 legs like bugs are suppose to. We know that our
 caterpillar's can walk because we see them moving all around in their
 little cup. And we know that they eat because they are growing
 so big so fast like me. We know that caterpillar's have lots of parts to
 their bodies. The parts do different things for him that he needs.
 Wendy made a chart for you to see the parts of  a caterpillar. It
 has people on it to because we are like caterpillar's. (People and
 caterpillar's have a lot of the same things.

 Some ways that I am different from a caterpillar are:
 **I am bigger.
 **I have 2 legs not 6, that's too many.
 **I don't have spines! 
 **I wear glasses and caterpillar's don't wear glasses.

 Some ways that I am the same as a caterpillar are:
 **I am growing everyday and I am getting bigger.
 **I eat food and need to eat food to grow. 
 **I rest. 
 **I move around.

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