By Wendy

August 5, 1997

Well we have had a busy month! We have learned so
 much and seen so many caterpillars change into butterflies;
 it's been wonderful! This morning we are wrapping up some
 of our lessons with review. This afternoon we will
 be making all kinds of enteries in our journal here. We have
 kept notes on all we have learned, and what we have
 seen, and we want to be sure to share all of it with you:)
 As a short review we recieved all of our Painted Lady larva
 from the Carolina Biological Supply Company. We found
 our Monarch caterpillars in the woods around my house; we
 have lots of milkweed, and that's what the Monarchs like.

 Although we planted a butterfly garden, we haven't seem a
 lot of the flowers bloom, nor have we seen a lot of butterfly
 activity around it. This was our first attempt at the garden,
 and I think maybe not enough of the flowers have bloomed
 yet to attract the butterflies. We do see a lot of different
 kinds of butterflies flying through the backyard, in the same
 spots, during a certain time of the day. It is usually late
 afternoon, around 3-5 pm. It seems like that's when it's the
 warmest around here. Some of the butterflies that pass through
 are so bright that they can be seen from a distance away.
 The children have learned that it is not easy to catch a butterfly!
 They have caught many different kinds of bugs, but never
 any butterflies. The butterflies are just too fast for them. I 
 think it's wonderful practice of eye/hand coordination, and it
 is funny to watch at times. I've even had to run through the
 yard after a few myself, and I don't always get lucky either.

 We have had a total of 15 different Monarchs and Painted Lady
 butterflies thius summer. I think we have been very fortunate to
 see all of this up close. Some of the children even took
 some caterpillars home and got to watch and share the metamorphosis
 with their families. It has been a wonderful unit for all fo us.

 We will be back this afternoon to document all that happened
 over the past month. So please be sure to stop back in later tonight or
 tomorrow to read up on things! 

 If you have any questions or comments please sign the guestbook,
 write us at,
 or visit my home page and contact us through there. That
 is Molly's Room (Wendys) and it is dedicated to our snakes.
 That will be our next unit!

 See you soon:)

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