The Butterfly Story

By Katie Hartman

June 26, 1997

We finally recieved our Painted Lady larvae on the 12th of June.
 Seven days later, and each day since, the caterpillar's
 started their metamorphosis. They crawled up to the top of the
 cup that they were in and each made a chyslasis. On June 19th 
 they began to hatch. It looks as though most of them, though, did
 not dry their wings flat and now they can not fly. We have been
 watching them very carefully, and we still have 2 more chyrsalis'
 that need to hatch. We have been feeding them a mixture of sugar
 and water. It's fun to watch them eat. 

Now Katie wants to tell you her butterfly story. Next week we
 will come back and fill you in on all the other stuff that has
 been going on.

The Butterfly Story
by Katie Hartman

 Momma butterfly finds a leaf and she lays an egg on the leaf.
 Then it hatches into a caterpillar. Before it hatches it grows
 for a few days to get nice and big. He eats and eats and eats.
 When he is done enough growing he goes to the top of his cup
 and he makes his crysalis. A chyrsalis is kind of like a shell.
 He is changing in there. We call that metamosofis: (metamorphisis).
 The caterpillar is changing because he is growing 1 pair of wings and
 he has antennaes.

 When he hatches he is a butterfly. He hatches because he came out 
 of his crysalis. Then he has to let his wings dry out before he can fly.

 I would like to say that I'm glad he came out of his chysalis because he
 can be a butterfly. I like his pretty colors.

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