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Bunny Hopping



  1. There was an Easter egg hunt. There were 420 eggs put around the yard. How many dozen is that? If it takes one packet of dye to do 2 dozen eggs, how many packets would be needed to dye all 420 eggs?

  2. The teacher wanted to fill Easter baskets. She wanted to be sure that she had enough money when she went to the store. Chicks were 10 for $1, chocolate eggs were 3 for $1, jelly beans were 2 bags for $1, malted milk balls were $1 a bag. There are 30 kids in the class. Give a reasonable estimate of the amount of money needed. Write it in paragraph form and explain how you decided.

  3. The school had a jellybean-guessing contest for the upper grades. There was a huge jar with jellybeans. They were told that there were 27,000 in the jar. Write this in scientific notation.

  4. Draw a map.
    Bunny Boulevard, Rabbit Road, and Chick Circle are all parallel.
    Lily Lane is perpendicular to Bunny Boulevard.
    Jellybean Avenue is diagonal to Rabbit Road and ends at Chick Circle.
    Peter's Park is bordered by Bunny Boulevard, Lily Lane, Rabbit Road, and Jellybean Avenue.

  5. There are 40 chicks, 55 bunnies, 100 jellybeans, and 20 coconut eggs. Make a ratio of:
    Bunnies to eggs
    Chicks to bunnies
    Jellybeans to chicks
    Eggs to jellybeans

    Make sure all of the ratios are simplified.

  6. Mom is making Easter dinner. She is making a ham that is 5 pounds. It cooks for 11 minutes a pound. How long will it cook? The turkey will take 20 minutes a pound since it is stuffed. The turkey is 18 pounds. How long will that cook? If it takes the oven 15 minutes to preheat and the ham can be put in after the turkey is done, how long will it take to cook the meat? If they want to eat at 5:30, when should Mom start the oven?

  7. Mom needs to make dessert. She needs to make a sheet cake so she needs to double the yellow cake recipe that she likes. What will she need? Here is the original recipe.
    1 stick of butter _______________________
    3 eggs ______________________________
    2 1/4 cups cake flour _____________________
    1 7/8 cups sugar _______________________
    1/2 tsp. Baking powder _____________________
    1/4 tsp. Salt ___________________________
    1/8 cup vanilla extract _______________________
    3/4 pint sour cream ________________________

  8. Diane is going home to visit her family for the holiday. She needs to be sure that she will be home on time. She lives in New York, which is 90 miles away. If she needs to be home by 4:00 PM, and she can drive 55 miles per hour, approximately when should she leave? What factors should she keep in mind that could affect the trip? Her car gets 19 miles per gallon. How much gas should she be sure to have so that she has enough for the trip back as well?

  9. Five different children participate in the Easter egg hunt. Make a line graph of the results:
    Samantha - 25
    Michelle - 32
    Erin - 14
    Courtney - 20
    Jenn - 15

  10. The children decided to have a bunny hoping contest. Sharell came in ahead of Allison, Robert came in last, Kevin came in before Robert, but behind Allison. Who won and what was the order?

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