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Weekly Science News

The science and technology of our world change so rapidly that it's hard to keep pace. This month's Spotlight features websites that can help.

If you're a science educator, or even if you just have a casual interest in science, you'll want to check these websites each week. All of them feature concise summaries of the latest developments, which you'll find easy to read and understand.

The Spotlight list will become a Hotlist, available from The Franklin Institute Science Museum's homepage anytime. Keep in touch.

The American Physical Society - What's New?
The American Physical Society posts news updates relating to science each week. The updates are concise and easy to read. Archives of previous updates are also available.

Access Excellence - What's News?
Science Updates, News Makers, and Factoids are regular features from the Access Excellence weekly science news. Their content relates most to biological sciences.

Images of the day, information on astronomical events, recent press releases, the space calendar, and updates on current/upcoming shuttle missions are just a few highlights of this fantastic site of useful space science resources.

The Philadelphia Inquirer Health and Science News
Take a science-related news or feature story from "The Philadelphia Inquirer," add the vast collection of science resources on the Web, and you get a robust source of current science information.

Department of Energy News Briefs
"News you can use." Weekly energy-related developments are provided in concise, easy to read summaries.

USGS Weekly Seismicity Reports
The weekly reports contain detailed information on earthquakes in Northern California and other large earthquakes in the US and around the World.

USGS Volcano Watch
Volcano Watch is a weekly newsletter for the general public published by the US Geological Survey's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO). It is addressed to residents of the Big Island of Hawai`i, but many articles are of broader interest.

Quadnet Developments in Science and Technology
Concise weekly summaries of developments related to all fields of science and technology help to keep you informed in our rapidly-changing world.

NAS Science News List
The National Association of Scholars presents randomly-ordered topics reflecting the myriad views held about science and technology in today's society--both within academe and without.

Biomedicine and Health in "The New York Times"
The University of Connecticut Health Center provides quick access to the biomedical, scientific and health journal literature referenced in "The New York Times." Each newspaper article is briefly summarized and accompanied by the complete citation to the article.

NewsFile ... CW Henderson, Publisher
If it's happening in health science, it's updated here. This weekly health information service provides comprehensive health news.

This Week in Science from Science Magazine
These short, understandable summaries of news from the weekly journal "Science" are a must-read for anyone interested in current scientific research.

Sky & Telescope's Weekly News Bulletin
If it happens in the sky, or through a telescope, the weekly news bulletin from Sky & Telescope magazine will show it to you. Keep up with stellar activities.

ION Science - Science News at a Glance
ION Science is a monthly magazine devoted to keeping an eye on and making sense of the latest news and trends in science and nature. ION Science will demystify complex topics, because you shouldn't have to be a rocket scientist to gain insight into the natural world.

Jonathan's Weekly Space Report
Jonathan's Space Report describes all space launches, including both piloted missions and automated satellites. If you need current space mission information, Jonathan provides the quickest access to the important details.

Science and The Environment
This monthly publication may not belong on the Weekly Science News list, but it's too good to ignore. Voyage Publishing offers the top ten science news summaries from each of eight topic areas and then suggests classroom usage ideas to keep your science content current.

The Daily Report Card
The Daily Report card may not belong on this list, but, if you're a science educator, you'll want to visit this site often. Daily updates from the educational reform front help you keep pace with developments.

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