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For Teacher - Standards

The lessons included in the "curriculum" section are intended to help students explore the Lunar Module, Apollo Missions, and the Moon. The standards and links provided here are to help you make correlations to your curriculum.

Correlations and Standards

With the emphasis on standards and accountability it is important to ensure the learning experiences provided for students help support the standards which have been developed. These links are provided to help you correlate the appropriate standards to the activities you develop or select for the Apollo Lunar Module.

Science || NETS || Math || Software || State Standards || Florida

Science Standards

The science content standards outline what students should know, understand, and be able to do in the natural sciences over the course of K-12 education. The National Research Council Science Content Standards for K-12 are divided into 8 categories with grade level strands for science as inquiry, physical science, life science, Earth/Space science, science/technology, science in personal/social perspective, and history /nature of science topics grouped by K-4, 5-8 and 9-12.


NETS Standards

The technology foundation standards for students (Nets Standards for Students) are divided into six broad categories. Standards within each category are to be introduced, reinforced, and mastered by students. These categories provide a framework for linking performance indicators within the Profiles for Technology Literate Students to the standards. Teachers can use these standards and profiles as guidelines for planning technology-based activities in which students achieve success in learning, communication, and life skills.

The National Education Technology Standards (NETS) will help guide you to use technology in your curriculum and lesson planning.

See the 6 NETS Standards Categories.which provide the framework for linking performance indicators to the standards.

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NCTM Mathematics Content Standards (K-12)

The nine content standard areas can be viewed at the NCTM Standards page.

State Standards
This State provides access to available standards for each state as well as a search engine to find lessons for specific skills located.

Software Correlations to Standards
Link to Tom Snyder Product Software Correlations to see correlations to state standards for many software titles/subject areas. Activities for graphing and creating of timelines included in the lessons at this site can be matched to standards for your state.


Florida Sunshine State Standards Correlations

Correlations to the lessons/activities provided and the Florida Sunshine Standards they match.

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