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Lunar Module Quiz Investigate the resources under The Story section and then try your hand identifying these Lunar Module facts.
Apollo Mission Quiz Use what you know about the Apollo missions to answer this multiple choice quiz.
Match the Lunar Modules Each LM had a special name. See how many you can match up.
Trivia - LM Style Multiple Choice activity with some interesting trivia from the Apollo lunar landings.
Where Did They Land? Test your knowledge about Lunar Module landing locations. A help page is included.
Moon Tales Explore how other cultures and countries view the Moon throught their stories and myths.

Other On-Line Activities to Try

Star Child: The Moon Level 1 Information about the Moon for primary students.
Star Child: The Moon Level 2 Information about the Moon for an intermediate student.
Moon Legends Read about 'Coyote as the Moon,' 'Fox and the Moon,' 'Coyote and Eagle Steal the Sun and Moon' and other Native American folklore tales.
Moon Myths Find out more about the way different countries look at the Moon and some of the stories or myths from around the world.
Moon Phase Calendar Pick a date and see the phase of the Moon and how it will look on any date during that month.
8 Phases of the Moon Need to know what the different phases of the Moon look like? This is the place to visit.
Imagine the Universe This is the place for those ages 14 and up who want to learn more about our universe.
Sky Slide Puzzle Drag the puzzle pieces to form the picture. (Requires Java.)
Lunar Lander Game Try to land a Lunar Module. (Requires Java.)