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The Apollo Lunar missions were an important part of man's exploration of space. In the future the Moon may be a very important base for exploration into deep space. The lessons included in the "curriculum" section are intended to help students explore the Lunar Module, Apollo Missions, and the Moon.


Objectives -Overview

To acquaint students with the historical sequence of lunar explorations.

To give students opportunities to use the internet to gather information.

To help students create timelines to present information in a visual format.

NETS Standards Categories supported 1, 3, 4, 5


See the student activity Create Timelines for background information on President Kennedy's reasons for proposing the goal to reach the Moon. You may want to use this with the group prior to beginning the activity .

1. Apollo Timelines
Use the software package TimeLiner to create a bulletin board timeline which shows the Apollo Missions. You can vary this assignment by showing all lunar missions or showing only those made by the US or those made by the USSR. A list of these lunar missions can be found at the Lunar Exploration site, A Timeline of Exploration, or the Apollo Missions site.

2. Using Timelines
Have students use their timeline to create a quiz which can be answered by referring to the visual. Questions such as the following can be posted near the timeline for others to try their skill:

During which year did most of the Apollo Missions occur?
When was the last of the Apollo Missions?
When did the first humans land on the Moon?

See the Correlations to Standards for graphing with the TimeLiner program.