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The Apollo Lunar missions were an important part of man's exploration of space. In the future the Moon may be a very important base for exploration into deep space. The lessons included in the "curriculum" section are intended to help students explore the Lunar Module, Apollo Missions, and the Moon.

The Musical Moon

Objectives -Overview

To acquaint students with the use of the Moon in music and lyrics of popular songs and to brainstorm why our fascination with the Moon carries over into literary and musical works.

1. Challenge students to list as many songs as they can find that have Moon in the title. Have them pick their favorite. Perhaps they can bring in copies to play or listen to them on the web.

Why do they think the Moon is included in song titles or lyrics?

Here are a few titles you may have heard of. Brief audio clips for these and other "Moon songs" are provided at the Inconstant Moon: multimedia tours of the lunar surface site. Follow the directions to load in the title you want to listen to.

Moon River (Henry Mancini)
Moon Dance (Van Morrison)
Moonflower (Carlos Santana)
Ticket to the Moon (ELO)
It's Only a Paper Moon (Harold Arlen)B
Bad Moon Rising (Credence Clearwater Revival)
Sisters of the Moon (Fleetwood Mac)
Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 in C# "Moonlight"
To the Moon and Back (Savage Garden)

2. The Moon is also included in many literary works and science fiction stories. See related lessons - Once in a Blue Moon and The Moon and Other Cultures.