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Exterior of the Lunar Module
Franklin LM Picture
This Grumman Lunar Module is on display at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.


Two Parts of the
Lunar Module
Ascent Stage
LM diagram
ascent stage diagram
Descent Stage
LM Adapter
descent stage diagram
LM adapter diagram

The Lunar Module (also called a LM) was carried into space inside the Apollo Spacecraft Adapter. The legs were folded as you see in the drawing above.

The " Technical Diagrams" are from NASA. Click on the images to see larger versions that can be printed to compare to Franklin's Grumman LM.

A detailed drawing showing which parts of the Lunar Module on the grounds of the Franklin Institute are present (labeled in red) and which are missing (labeled in blue) will help you compare the Franklin's lunar module to these drawings of a complete LM.

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