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For reference:

 I would like to thank the following people and institutions for help in making these pages.

The Science Museum, London

Lyndsey Clark, Martin Bazley and Roland Jackson

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia 

Karen Elinich and Barbara Bottaro

The Online Museum Educators

With particular thanks to Leon for always 'being there', Helen and Pattie for their support, Ian and Tim for inspiration, and everyone else who helped.


The following books were of use

Public & private science : the King George III Collection, Alan Q. Morton & Jane A. Wess (Science Museum)

Contains just about everything you would want to know about the King George III collection at the Science Museum.

Science and the enlightenment, Thomas L Hankins

A general history of eighteenth-century science covering both the physical and life sciences.

How we found out about Electricity, Issac Asimov

Covers the science and history with equal clarity.

Shocking Electricity, Nick Arnold

One of the hugely successful 'Horrible Science' series. An amusing but factual book aimed at a young audience.


The following websites were also of use.

A brief biography of Joseph Priestley


Chemical achievers. Joseph Priestley

The Foundation Years  
(1754 1837)

Engines of our Ingenuity. Joseph Priestley.