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Creating Your Own Slides

Using the Environment to Create "Photos"

Developing BoxTo create your own slides, you will need some of the following items.

  • Plastic wrappers
  • Fur
  • Feathers
  • Small ferns
  • Leaves
  • Bugs
  • Insects (if you desire)
  • Hair
  • Scraps of nylon hose
  • Seeds
  • Flowers
  • Other things that you can creatively think to use

You will also need a slide holder and 2 pieces of clear acetate.

Other things that will be needed are

  • Assorted colors of cellophane
  • Rubber cement
  • Scissors
  • Steam iron


To create the slide, glue one side of the clear acetate and place pieces of cellophane, leaves, yarn, etc. on it.

Coat one side of the remaining piece of acetate with glue and place it on top of the first creating a "sandwich."

Trim the "sandwich" so that it fits in the frame area of the slide holder. Fold the slide frame over your creation.

Take the slide and have it sealed with a steam iron.

When you are finished, the slide should not be so thick or dense that no light passes through it. The slide needs to be thin enough to fit into a standard slide projector.