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United States Mint "h.i.p Pocket Change" Teacher's Section

The United States Mint offers this incredible cross-curricular classroom resource. Strike it rich and help your students make heads and tails of coins! Included features are:

  • Ready-to-roll Lesson Plans covering History, Language Arts and Mathematics
  • "Teacher Features" - topic related classroom ideas
  • Projects designed to make classroom connections
  • Library of numismatic resources for you and your students
  • Teacher's Guide help section

"It Makes Cents to Me Now" from Core Knowledge

Grade Level: 1
Length of Unit: 2 Weeks

Students earn, save, spend and learn about money. Children are taught the Coin Song and Money Song which both teach the value of each coin and their equivalencies. The objectives taught during this unit consist of: coin and bill identification, coin and bill values, equivalencies, counting money, and applying money in everyday situations. Many useful resources are incorporated in this unit. Children learn the value of each coin by using 1 x 1 inch grid graphing paper. This concept helps illustrate the value of a dollar.

"Money, Money, Money!" from Core Knowledge

Grade Level: 2
Length of Unit: 11 Lessons

Through this unit, children will learn money concepts as described in the Core Knowledge sequence, such as: identifying coins, coin values, and that equal amounts can be reached through different coin combinations. We will build on these concepts through hands-on explorations, activities, and integration of the Core Knowledge sequence and other literature.

Money, Money, Money! - An Interactive Unit - Entertaining WebQuest developed by Colette McGrew - INMD 410 - On-line Instructional Unit Product Design - Northeastern Illlinois University.

Grade Level: 3

This unit introduces children to the concept of money as a measure of value and a means of exchange. They will be exploring the different forms of money, how money works and the role of money in people's lives and businesses. Their minds will be stimulated to think about the role money has played in people's lives in the past and how it continues to affect people's lives today. They will be accessing information using the latest form of technology, the computer and the World Wide Web.

Money Unit - Grade 5 - by Sandie Andrews

Throughout this unit students will be involved in manipulative hands-on activities. Most activities will be set up in stations where students rotate at their pace. This will allow for independent learning as well as group work and peer teaching. The underlying concept of all the activities is problem solving. The problems are developed to challenge students based on abilities, to motivate based on interest, and to be meaningful to the students' lives: connecting mathematics to real life situations. Such an approach of allowing students to interact with peers and materials and using their own experiences to learn makes the experience meaningful, as well as developing a positive attitude to mathematics and promoting students to become life long learners

"Economics Minute" Lesson Plans - from the National Council on Economic Education

Grade Level: K-12

A collection of short lesson plans from the National Council of Economic Education. The collection includes ideas for all grade levels from Kindergarten through Grade 12. You can browse the EconEdlink online lessons by Title, Grade, Standard, or Lesson Plan Type.

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