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Mission Facts - Guide

You can find the mission facts animation in The Story section of the site

Use the table below to see how this animation could be used in curriculum activities in the classroom

Curriculum Area Possible Activities


Use the information in the database to graph the weight of samples of moon rock.


Use the Internet to find out about the astronauts. Create a biography for an astronaut.

Imaginative writing. What would it be like journeying to the moon. How would it feel at blast off. What is it like to look back at the Earth from the moon.


Use the details of the lunar landing sites to plot them on the map of the moon. Go to the images folder to find a Moon map for printing.


Create a database to store the information presented in the animation. This can then be interrogated and used to display findings.


Make large versions of the mission patches. Use paint or collage materials


Create a time line of the missions.