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Each one of the red links below can be clicked on to download a Worksheet or an interactive activity related to Genetic Engineering. Check out and improve your revision notes and your understanding of the basic principles!

1. DNA Workshop

An interactive revision/refresher course in DNA structure and how genes are transcribed and translated into protein products.

2. Genetic Engineering

A work sheet to support your journey through the Clone Zone web site and provide you with a set of concise Genetic Engineering notes that show your understanding.

3. Cystic Fibrosis and Gene Therapy

Write a newspaper article about Cystic Fibrosis its causes and its treatments using the latest genetic engineering techniques.

4. GM Plants

Research into the latest experiments in tomato improvements and review the steps in making a transgenic plant using an interactive web site.

5.Design your own chocolate-milk cow

This interactive web site needs the Shockwave plug-in. Have a go at being a genetic engineer to make a chocolate moo-cow!