General Weather Science Resources

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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
This is among the most definitive governmental weather-related sites in the world. The National Weather Service; the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service; the National Marine Fisheries; and the National Ocean Service all fall under the auspices of the NOAA. There's an abundance of information accessible through this site—take some time to explore.

National Weather Service
This is home base for weather information in the United States. Find national weather data, up-to-the-minute warnings, forecasts, current conditions, and weather maps. Access regional headquarters for area-dedicated information; specialized centers focused on subjects such as climate prediction and aviation weather; and archives of weather and hazard statistics.

How Weather Works
"USA Today" provides an extremely detailed guide to understanding basic weather phenomena. This site could be a very convenient starting place if you're seeking comprehensive background information to further your own knowledge.

The Weather Channel
Although it looks like it focuses mainly on the United States, The Weather Channel's site will also provide you with current weather data and forecasts for cities around the world, as well as satellite and radar maps.

This comprehensive site offers current weather info and forecasts, as well as feature stories and a plethora of maps. Check out the News and Features section to find out the daily national highs and lows—it could be a fun way to discuss how the country has many different types of climates. | © 2004 The Franklin Institute - All rights reserved.