Multimedia Gallery

These links below will lead you to multimedia resources—images, movies, audio, etc.—that will support weather-related science investigation.

The School District of Philadelphia

Historical Significant Events Imagery
The National Climatic Data Center provides hundreds of selected satellite images that capture some of the more important weather and environmental events over the last thirty years.

Eco-Gallery: Bearing Witness to Climate Change
A photographic journey documenting the earth's response to global warming featuring a live webcast from one of the most studied environments in the world, the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica.

Earth from Space: Hurricane and Weather Images
The NASA Space Shuttle Earth Observations Photography database was compiled by NASA staff to illustrate some very interesting Earth features and atmospheric processes, including weather.

Climate & Global Change Image & Multimedia Gallery
The University Center for Atmospheric Research presents this gallery of images related to atmosphere, clouds, and weather.

Clouds from Space
NASA Space Shuttle astronauts enjoy an unrivaled topside view of Earth's atmospheric patterns. Their photographs have contributed to the interest in clouds as scientists attempt to understand global warming and the greenhouse effect.

NOAA Photo Library
For images related to weather and climate, the NOAA Photo Library offers a searchable database and an amazing collection of images.

Weather Pictures
This gallery of images of clouds and weather events is created in the Netherlands, with the text presented in English. The spectacular images, of course, require no translation. | © 2004 The Franklin Institute - All rights reserved.