Looking for ways to extend your investigation into other areas of the curriculum? These resources can help.

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Literature: Online Stories

Weather Lore
The purpose of weather lore was to instruct early farmers, sailors, herdsmen, and others on how to predict the weather. This fascinating page lists many examples of weather lore and explains the science behind them.

Literature: Trade Books

Recommended Reading from the Weather Dude
The Weather Dude (a Weather Channel meteorologist) recommends these weather titles for students, parents, and teachers.


Exploring Weather Conditions through Painting
The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge provides this excellent integrated weather and art activity. The educators at ArtsEdge target this to grade 5, but it is absolutely useful for grade 7. The "Weather in Paintings" Multimedia Gallery is an excellent resource on its own.

Earth from Space - Hurricanes and Weather
From NASA, the collection of images of Earth, captured by astronauts, includes images of atmospheric phenomena.

Outer Space

Space Weather Today
While not directly related to an investigation of weather and climate, the concept of space weather can be an interesting extension idea. This site from the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research offers current space weather reports as well as basic information about how scientists measure space weather conditions. | © 2004 The Franklin Institute - All rights reserved.