Multimedia Gallery

These links below will lead you to multimedia resources—images, movies, audio, etc.—that will support science investigation.

The School District of Philadelphia

National Agricultural Library
From the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this site offers a wide range of agricultural images, many of which support the investigation of seeds and germination.

Animal Diversity Web
Enter crustaceans as your search term (or any animal species) and find information and photos.

The Butterfly Website
Created with the butterfly hobbyist in mind, the photo gallery and videos may be useful.

Class: Insecta
This pretty site from the Spencer Entomological Museum at the University of British Columbia offers a useful glossary of terms (click on "Insect Lore") and some beautiful images in the "Bug of the Month" section.

Animal Pictures Archive
The name pretty much says it all. This site offers a huge collection of animal images—just search by name. They also provide animal sounds, animated movies, and clip art. | © 2009 The Franklin Institute - All rights reserved.