Looking for ways to extend your investigation into other areas of the curriculum? These resources can help.

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Literature: Online Stories

Investigate and Report on Friction
On this site, Scholastic's Dirtmeister challenges students to investigate one way that friction works either for or against you as you go about your day, and then write about it. There's a section to report your own findings and read what other students have written.

Social Studies

From PBS, this companion to the "Fallout" program can be an interesting element of an investigation of nuclear energy. The site focuses on the aftermath of the nuclear blast at Hiroshima.

Meltdown at Three Mile Island
Also from PBS, "Meltdown at Three Mile Island" is another resource to include in a cross-curricular investigation of nuclear energy.

Learning Adventures in Citizenship uses Edison's electrification of Wall Street in 1882 to consider several things: the importance of electricity and energy in their lives, the costs of that energy, and the importance of conserving energy.


Tides and Gravity Labs
As an interesting extension to your investigation of gravity, consider using this interactive site that offers information and animations about how the tides are the result of the gravitational forces between celestial bodies. | © 2006 The Franklin Institute - All rights reserved.