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Marie Curie: Discovery of Radium, 1909

Introduction: Marie Curie

As a woman born in 1867 in Poland, Marie Sklodowska Curie had a steep hill to climb in her pursuit of her passion for science. She stands among the greatest scientists of all time—male or female. Certainly, she stands tallest as a role model for generations of young women who followed in her footsteps, pursuing careers in scien+tific research.

Who was Marie Curie? How did she come to be a scientist? What important work led to the discovery of radium?

These pages hold the answers to these questions and tell the fascinating story of this woman's discovery.

Would you have been interested in learning more about Curie's discovery? Browse "Le Radium, Journal de Physique," which means "Radium, The Journal of Physics." (Some English Cues are provided). Click on the image at the right to open the booklet and turn back the pages of time.