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Combination:Calculating Machine and Printer, 1897

Rule 3

Following is a list of rules generated by the Committee on Science and the Arts, governing the procedure for the selection of award candidates. Found after each rule are thumbnails linking to documents from the Burroughs case file. Click on these thumbnails to see an illustration of the rules set forth for the selection process.

Rule 3: When the invention is a composition of matter, specimens of the ingredients and of the compound sufficient for the purpose of experiments, and to preserve in the cabinet of the Franklin Institute, shall be furnished by the inventor.

Wahl letter
Page 1 (316K)

Wahl letter
Page 2 (229K)
Wahl letter
Page 3 (200K)

The thumbnails above are of three letters sent from American Arithmometer secretary E.G. Langhorne and sales agent H.B. Wyeth to the attention of Franklin Institute secretary W.H. Wahl. These documents discuss a live demonstration of Burroughs' machine for the benefit of the Committee on Science and the Arts.

bilgram letter
Page 1 (337K)

bilgram letter
Page 2 (479K)

The thumbnails featured above show Committee on Science and the Arts member Hugo Bilgram's original request for a demonstration of the adding machine, and Bilgram's satisfied commentary upon completion of the demonstration.