Your Own Flight
Design Models

Paper Airplanes

Use different pieces of paper to experiment with the design of your airplane. Some pictures of paper airplanes are available to help you. There are also instructions for building your own paper glider.
[ Paper Airplane Pictures | Instructions ]

Delta Gliders

Try using heavier paper or styrofoam to build a delta glider. There are some pictures to help you design your own. Or, you can use the step-by-step instructions.
[ Delta Glider Pictures | Instructions ]

Hang Gliders

Use plastic bags and drinking straws to design a hang glider. Modify it by adjusting the hanging weight. Look at the pictures to help you design your own.
[ Hang Glider Pictures ]

Balsa Wood or Styrofoam Gliders

Using heavier materials presents a new challenge. This plane, however, looks more like a real plane. The pictures show the shape.
[ Balsa Wood or Styrofoam Glider Pictures ]


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