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The Missouri Botannical Garden-Oceans

Undersea and Oversee at the Franklin Institute Science Museum- Your online ocean voyage will take you to websites around the world where you'll explore the latest ocean information. Dive into the undersea world and, like the students at the Douglass School, accept your challenge to oversee the oceans' future.

Aquatic Safari- Here are some fun facts and beautiful images that will help you get to know the unique creatures that live in the sea

Gander Academy's Oceanography Theme-Links include Oceanography, Marine Life, Ocean Features, Icebergs, The Ocean Floor, Ocean Pollution, The Beach, Ocean Conservation, Lighthouses, and Teacher Resources.

The Ocean Planet Educational Materials - A large number of educational materials you can retrieve for use in your classroom.

Neptune's Web - Ocean Trivia

Marine Education Books for Children

WWF Celebrates the Year of the Ocean 98 - Use this site to learn more about our oceans, threats to this marine world, and most importantly, what you can do to help save our seas.

Read about the crab at the Let's Find Out Encyclopedia . and Coral Reefs

Oceanography for K-12: A Study of Our Oceans

Visit the Columbus Zoo Web site. Read the facts about the Coral Reefs."Take the Quiz" and "Solve the Puzzle" activities.

Education World - Lesson Planning:Celebrate the Year of the Ocean

Secrets of the Ocean Realm-

Wyland's Ocean Challenge - Challenge curriculum contains 7 lesson plans that can be adapted for science, literature, math, or art applications. Each lesson plan is structured to facilitate classroom implementation with activities for grades K through 12. Have fun while learning, creating, and promoting preservation.

Wyland's Web Coloring Book

Coral Cay Conservation - Underwater Photography

Internet Guides & Indexes on Oceanography

K-12 Oceanography Web Resources -An extensive list of resources for the classroom.

Other K-12 Resources about Oceanography -The staff of the Information Office of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) has compiled this list of K-12 World Wide Web resources about oceanography.

Ocean Odyssey - Hands On Children's Museum a hotlist of sites for planning your ocean unit.

The Amazing FishCam

Sharks- The Ocean of Know - Lots of information

Sharks from the PBS series: Secrets of the Ocean Realm, Sea Dwellers.

Yesterday in the Kelp Forest

The Monteray Bay Aquarium Tour

Make a deep Sea Vent- the New England Aquarium

The Ocean Floor-describes the three areas of the ocean floor.

Exploring the Deep Ocean Floor - The ocean floor is home to many unique communities of plants and animals. Pictures of unusual sea life -- giant tube worms, huge clams, and mussels --that thrive around the hot springs.

Preview of underwater dolphin images- great photos of dolphin

Whales on the Net- Lots of information about every kind of whale- Photo Gallery

The Dolphin Institute - View a virtual reality movie. Meet the Dolphins of the Dolphin Institute- Click on each dolphins name and learn all about them. You can even hear the sounds they make.

Vancouver Aquarium- aquafacts Dolphins and porpoises Get your questions answered.

Ocean Animals -learn about the animals which live in the ocean, coral reefs, and estuaries. You can find fish, sea turtles, and seals, as well as invertebrates like sponges and mollusks.

Secrets of the Ocean Realm meet some of the ocean's most fascinating and unusual creatures from the PBS series, browse photos, access classroom activities for each episode, and download a screen saver.

Coral Reef Animals--All About Coral Reefs

Brown Algae - Seaweed


Hatchet Fish -deep water

Ocean Planet-exhibit about the health of the world's oceans at the Smithsonian.

Oceanic Research Group- an environmental group focused on the conservation of oceans and marine life through education. Take a look at some great marine life photos taken by members of this non-profit organization.

Ocean Voice International-Learn about the ocean and how to protect it.

Ocean Research Submersibles- pictures of these small submarines from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Ocean Concepts- discover the underwater world of Hawaii. The dive log has some great photos and fish descriptions.

Ask SeaDog-Ask the Expert about whales, fish, sharks, penguins, and other ocean animals.

Whale Songs You can download Humpback Whale songs from the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The Virtual Whale Project-Multimedia site which has collections of QuickTime movies, Animations, VRML Models and Sound Files.Cooperative Feeders   This footage of cooperative feeding Humpback Whales ---CoolSchool -This clip deomonstrates a small school of fish reacting to the approach of two predators (whales). Animating Whales  - VRML Models and sound files

Marine Education Books for Children

Mark Kistler's Pencil Power Playground - Step by step drawing lessons that kids love.

Enchanted Learning Kindercrafts -These craft projects are for kindergarten and preschool children. They use materials found around the house, like egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes, string, crayons, glue, etc. Easy to follow directions.

Learn about the Octopus from Mote Marine Laboratory.

Whale of a Tale Summer Reading Game-Visit the 7 stops on Finn and Fluke's ocean journey to play games, read jokes and riddles, learn about whales, sea life, pirates, and more. Spot the hidden images and complete quizzes to finish the game. From the Calgary Public Library.

Shark Tank-Pictures and brief information about various kinds of sharks. From the Discovery Channel.

Sea Games - a collection of java games and applets from Sea and Sky.Features is a gallery of beautiful pictures, images and brief descriptions of reef life, Java games, links to interactive Java applets related to sea creatures, and resources for aquarium keepers.

Safari Touch Tank -Learn about sea plants and creatures by clicking on them in the Touch Tank. Descriptions of undersea life are accompanied by pictures and animations.

Search for Giant Squid-Giant squids live in most of the world's oceans and are among the biggest animals in the sea but they are rarely seen. Learn about this mysterious and fascinating creature.

Quicktime movie of Jellyfish- From CNN Interactive

Oceans of the World -Oceans cover more that 75 percent of the earth's surface. The different oceans merge into each other forming the largest habitat on earth.

Whales: Giants of the Ocean - Whales are divided into two groups. The baleen or whalebone whales have no teeth. The other group is the toothed whales which have teeth.

Orchid's Clip Art---animated .gif (c) Kitty Roach available atPageWorks

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