Diving for Ocean Facts
Currents, Waves and Tides:
The Missouri Botanical Garden- Oceans


Before you begin your search, you should print this page by clicking the Print Button at the top of your browser. To complete the Treasure Hunt, just click on the links and read to answer the questions. Click in the box beside each question on this page when you have found the answer. Then write the answers on your paper beside each question.

Teacher Notes


What are the winds that most affect the oceans' currents?

How does temperature affect currents?

What is topography?

What topography features are found on the ocean floor?

What is the name of one of the strongest currents known?

How does it affect the temperatures in Europe?


What are waves?

Where do waves in the ocean get their energy?

What are the three things that affect the size of waves?

Where are the largest waves found?

When do the waves begin to break down and get smaller?

What is the highest part and lowest part of the wave called?

Click on Can a Wave Move Things? and answer the question. Can you explain why?


Which has more influence on the tides, the moon or the sun? Why?

What are the two types of tides?

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