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Awards for Our
Rock Hound Activity!

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We are honored to have received awards from the following web sites!

Your Web site has been awarded a "Blue Web'n!" Inclusion in the Blue Web'n library is an honor reserved for the best online lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools. Blueweb.gif (7068 bytes)
(Your Rock Hound web activitiy) has been selected as a featured site in StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers.  You will be able to view it in our Science Resources: Geology: Rock Hounding. studyweb.gif (5126 bytes)
This lesson has won Honorable Mention in the Fall '98 ED's Oasis' Master Search Contest, in the 4-6 Grade Division. EDSOASIS.JPG (12485 bytes)
Rock Hounds has been selected by the editors of, The SuperSite for Kids. The mission of is to provide access to a rich selection of entertaining and educational works on the WWW, that educators may use in the classroom and children will learn from and enjoy. The editors of chose your work because it  reflects these educational values.  bonus.gif (5150 bytes)
We are pleased to inform you that your site was chosen for the January issue of Skewl Sites. skewl.gif (4207 bytes)
WOW! What a great job! Your site has won an award for educational excellence from Mr.  Donn's Pages and Maxie the Magnificent! MAXIE.GIF (2796 bytes)
The Rockhound Home Page will be Connecting Students "Featured Site of the Week" next week. Congratulations!

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